What is this all about???


Home Page – tells you a bit about My Fridge Content.

Membership Account – the different levels you could sign up for.  Currently there is no fee to use this site, however, there is a donate button to help us pay the fees associated with keeping this site alive.  Once you are  a logged in user the page shows your Account Membership Level and Billing Information.

Login/Register – You will need to register to access this site.  The Register link may be hard to see.  It is underneath the white login box and it is in white text.

Once logged in your menu options will include – My Fridge, Profile and Logout. Profile will include – Profile, Members and Groups. .


Scan Items
There are several ways to get items into your fridge. You can scan items from your phone or tablet. If you have a webcam or camera on your computer then you can user that as well. However, bringing your tablet or phone into the kitchen is probably your best bet! Remember, you need to log in just like you would on the website. I would suggest bookmarking your log in screen so it is easy to find the next time you go to scan items. Manual entry of your items can also be done under your View Storage option.

View Storage – Add, Modify and Sort
Here is where you will see everything in your Fridge. Once scanned in these items can also be modified and sorted. Each item when entered will have a default expiration date attached that is one year out. The system does that because the bar code on the items does not include an expiration date. You only need to modify the expiration date of those items that you want to track. I do this to easily see what to cook next as my refrigerator is very full during this pandemic. Double click any item displayed and that will allow you to modify. You might want to assign the item a location as well. Then you will be able to see all items in your freezer! If you have a refrigerator in your Garage you will be able to create that location too.
Once an item is entered the default date of expiration is automatically set to one year out from entry. This is done because each item needs an expiration date in order to use the sort by expiration feature. You only need to modify the expiration date of those items that you want to track. I do this to easily see what to cook next as my refrigerator is very full during this pandemic.

You can also enter an item manually by selecting the Add button.  Fill out the fields.  Product image can come from a Google image search or your camera.  I prefer a Google search.  Find the image you want. Right click and safe image to your desktop then upload it up from there.


Please play around with this area.  Eventually we will be getting a manual together for this but don’t quite have it yet! You should be able to learn by trial and error.  However, I do want to talk a bit about groups.


First of all this is one of my favorite features. I am not a huge fan of facebook. There is just way too much to look at and a lot of advertising. This is a more personal approach. You can form a small group. Sample groups are: your family, book club, Theatre Company, place of worship etc. Then in that area you can share recipes, photos and videos.

Once you form your group you can make it private or public. You can also customize the header and just have some fun! Let me know what you think.


This site was built since so much revolves around food right now and managing what you have in your refrigerator can be helpful.  Having your own special spot on the internet is also nice.

We make no claims or promises to keep this site active.  I am hoping to get enough donations so that I can keep it alive without charging people to use it.  I think we are in a really difficult time.  Perhaps this will bring a little pleasure.

If you have any website needs we hope you will consider using CompleteWebCare.com.

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact me thru the contact link on your main menu.  Remember also this is a work in progress